The coronavirus pandemic is putting a strain on couples. The stress of having to live through the current situation in the world plus having to deal with its aftermath both financially and mentally can be too much to handle.

Winifred M. Reilly, a marriage and family therapist, told HuffPost that there is not a single person who is not dealing with the stress that the pandemic brings. Tight living spaces, work issues, fears about the health of our family, fears of getting sick and financial uncertainty are the issues.

Stress does not bring out the best in us. So how can couples keep their relationship from breaking under the weight of these certain challenges?

Go on a date night

The social distancing guidelines may have given you the idea that it is difficult to go on a date with your partner. Eating at a restaurant requires a lot of preparation and theaters are shut down. However, you can still connect in the comfort of your own home.

You can go to a date in your house for at least an hour per week, just the two of you. You can meet up on the balcony or the backyard.

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You can dress up and crack open your favorite bottle of wine or champagne. You can slow dance, light up some candles, or play board games. Talk about your future plans, keep your conversation humorous and light.

Do not take it out on your partner

We are currently living through an unsettling, stressful time. It is difficult to present the best version of ourselves because of it. So it is best to be gentle on each other especially during tense conversations.

Try to find compassion for yourself and your partner especially when arguments come up and you realize that it is a normal reaction to a stressful situation.

Do not judge the quality of your relationship right away, especially during this time, and it is best that you continue to look for ways to talk to each other and open up.

 Give some time to yourself

Since the quarantine period requires you to stay at home, you will see your partner every day and you may bump into them in almost every area in your house. Having some time to yourself is really important for your mental health and relationship, according to a report by Shape.

Finding some "me" time may be difficult these days so you need to be intentional about giving each other some space. If your partner needs some time with a book or a video game, or if your partner is on a Zoom call or wants to put in some earbuds to listen to music, then let them.

If you are fortunate enough to be working from home, then try to give each other your own space to work and organize yourselves. Also, it is best if you set some structure around your daily activities, according to The Attlantic.

You can decide mealtimes, time as a couple or family, leisure times, and alone times. This can help reduce anxiety, especially if you have children at home.

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