When "Counting On's" Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and husband Austin Forsyth lost their stillborn baby, other parents can relate to their situation of consulting to the doctor's office for a routine visit, only to receive jarring news. Such transpired when their daughter Annabell Elise did not survive.

Reality TV stars Joy-Anna and Austin were married in May 2017. The pair welcomed their first child through the emergency C-section, then they declared that they were expecting again in May last year. Joy-Anna later received the wounding news at a 20-week ultrasound that she had a miscarriage, reported Today.

Less than a year ensued and Joy-Anna took to Instagram to declare that she is expecting once again. She and Austin already have Gideon, their 2-year-old son, according to Daily Mail.

Joy-Anna became a steadfast supporter of her sisters amid their own pregnancies, despite suffering a miscarriage.

She described, "I thought it was going to be a lot harder being around Kendra Duggar (née Caldwell), Abbie Duggar (née Burnett), Lauren Duggar (née Swanson), and Anna Duggar (née Keller)... because there are three sisters that are due the same time I was," reported "Us Weekly."

Five months into miscarriage, the "Counting On" star posted a photo of herself cradling her stillborn daughter. The baby girl was slated to be named Annabell Elise. Also, she and her husband posted a photo of them cradling their stillborn child on their Instagram page. The child only reached the middle of the 2nd trimester.

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Joy-Anna's family is presently known for their large-sized family, but she is seemingly not looking to raise a dozen or more kids. She indicated that 4 children may be suitable, but then relents to suggest that God will decide on her maternal fate.

Regarding her grief, Joy-Anna posted 2 poignant updates on her Instagram handle: First, honoring her stillborn child's memory and the second, commemorating the birth of her best friend's child. She seemingly carried herself with grace despite the unfavorable situation.

Her stillborn angel reportedly did not have a heartbeat.

To recount how they lost the child, Joy-Anna and Austin went for a consultation to learn the gender of their baby. Upon going in for the reveal, the technician then informed them that there was no heartbeat.

Four months after the incident, she conceived again.

Joy-Anna then sought to break the news to her best friend Carlin Bates, her mother Michelle, and her oldest sister Jana before informing her husband.

She called Austin her "anchor" after the devastating incident. In a series of intimate photos, the married couple appeared to be bidding goodbye to Annabell.

The last poignant snapshot displayed the footprints of the child alongside a quarter coin, to underscore how little she was.

"We only had her for 20 weeks, Life is fragile and precious," Joy-Anna wrote.

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