Prosecutors in Kansas filed murder charges against a 19-year-old girl in connection to the death of Cici's Pizza owner Harold Sasko, reported.

Sarah Brooke Gonzales McLinn was arrested on Saturday in Everglades National Park after park rangers found her camping in her car after the area was closed. On Monday, she was being held in federal custody though is expected to be transferred to state custody to start extradition proceedings.

On Jan. 17, police officers went to Sasko's home, where McLinn was living, to check on her on after family members said they couldn't reach her. When they arrived, they found Sasko dead and the teenage girl missing. Also missing from the house was Sasko's 2008 Nissan Altima.

A law enforcement agency in Florida contacted Kansas police after believing they located McLinn and Sasko's car. On Sunday, detectives from Lawrence, Kansas flew to Florida to identify McLinn and confirmed it was her and the missing vehicle. According to authorities, McLinn appeared unharmed.

Police Chief James Fitzpatrick and Douglas Co. District Attorney Charles Branson said they are unsure of a motive at this point and may consider additional charges against McLinn. Additionally, they announced that they believe she was the only person involved in Sasko's death.

In an earlier interview with People magazine, McLinn's mother, Michelle Gonzalez, claimed from the start that her daughter "is a victim" and said police told her she couldn't have acted alone.

"The police did say that even if Sarah was involved, she could not have acted alone based on the traumatic injuries Mr. Sasko suffered," Gonzalez said. "This makes us even more convinced that Sarah is a victim. We do not know what happened, but we want Sarah to know that we love her and we are here for her and we have help for her if she needs it. We want the person or persons who have Sarah to let her call home and come home."