Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday issued a public statement that the state will no longer reimpose extensive shutdowns amidst the rising cases of coronavirus infections, stating that enforcing shutdowns would paralyze the economy of the state without saving lives.

DeSantis drew the line even Doug Ducey, Governor of Arizona, ordered his people to stay home and announced that the state was currently on pause, and Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, made an announcement ordering all bars to be closed due to the rising cases of coronavirus infections.

Last week, the nation recorded about 25,000 new coronavirus cases in a span of five days and around 9,000 in a single day alone. Florida again restricted the on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages at bars; adding that restrictions do not apply to stores or gyms occupancy.

As stated by DeSantis, the state is not going back on lockdown and closing things, stating that he does not believe that people going back to business will drive the spread of the virus. He added that seeing younger people makes him think of it as just a form of social interaction and having a lot of activities in different areas of the state is a part of reality, Fox News reported.

Protests all over the country, and in Florida in recent weeks have been witnessed to have a visible decline in observing social distancing. While it has been shown on the gathered data that infections in the state outdo new testing, with the number of cases indicating that a lot of the newly infected patients belong in the younger age group and are not becoming critically ill.

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DeSantis noted that Florida's coronavirus cases doomsday predictions were off-base, urging the younger citizens to protect the vulnerable by observing social distancing. This also includes keeping one's distance from the elderly, and telling their residents to stay home in general.

According to CBS News, in a released statement by the governor, he declared that their state is open and claimed they know who they need to protect. Adding that the younger folks, although the government wanted them to be more aware of the current situation, are at lesser risk compared to the folks who belong in the older age group.

DeSantis, told his constituents earlier this month that the worst was over. According to him, during the second phase, the state will be allowing bars to consistently operate with the given state guidelines that restrict occupancy in standing roomso. Social distancing must be strictly applied in outdoor seating, and only a certain number for the indoor setups where customers will be served, must be allowed. He added that it is fine to enjoy and have some drink but urge people and business owners to avoid piling in huge crowds.

At the same time, the governor has issued a warning to businesses that refuse to obey the social distancing guidelines of the state and threatening to nullify bars and restaurant business licenses once the protocol is not properly observed.

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