After mistakenly saying that more than 120 million Americans have died from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden was slammed by US President Donald Trump as "mortifyingly stupid."

According to Newsweek, it was on Thursday that Biden made the comments with the wrong information while talking about how many people have been affected by the pandemic. Biden said that there were already more than 120 million deaths from COVID-19 in the US contrary to the correct number which is only around 124,424 in the country and only around 2.4 million cases.

However, Fox News also reported that Biden immediately corrected himself during the incident but the video of his statement was cut off just before he did such.

Biden receives criticisms from Trump's camp

Meanwhile, Biden's rival on the 2020 election, President Trump who is vying for re-election, lambasted Biden on Twitter. The president tweeted that if it was him who did such a mistake, the media would immediately target him for spreading fake news. He also questioned the fact that despite Biden's mistake being beyond normal the media is not reporting it.

Aside from Trump, his campaign team also posted a tweet targeting Biden about his comments containing the wrong statistics, calling Biden very confused.

Moreover, the team also used the tag #BarelyThereBiden, which insinuates that Biden does not know anything happening in the country. They called him out for stating the wrong death toll on COVID-19 and also from Biden's previous statements that more than 150 million Americans died from gun use.

In addition, the raid response director of the Republican National Committee, Steve guest also attacked Biden's mistake and posted the video on Twitter while asking, "WHAT IS GOING ON WITH JOE BIDEN?"

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Recurring Mistake?

Amid discussions on the novel coronavirus, Biden has also made the same mistakes with the numbers before. Back in May, during a virtual round table discussion on PBS, he also confused the number of jobs lost during the pandemic to the number of people who perished due to the disease.

During the live-stream, Biden said that more than 85,000 people have lost their jobs as lives of millions of people are deeply affected by COVID-19. However, during that time the death toll in the US has reached almost 86,000 while the people who have lost their jobs have reached more than 36 million.

Aside from the number, Biden also previously got confused with the name of the place where the coronavirus first emerged. Instead of referring to the place as Wuhan, China he referred to it as "Luhan."

Moreover, he also previously called the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 as COVID-9 instead of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, other people also tried to defend Biden and noted that the video has been cut and did not include the part where he apologized, acknowledged the mistake, and corrected himself.

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