According to a coronavirus tally, there are more than 10 million cases worldwide registered since the start on December 31, 2019.

This is the official statement by Reuters in its tally of all cases that are detected. It can be called a grim reminder of the immense number of infected individuals in nearly seven months, reported Reuters.

In those seven months, the coronavirus infected and killed as many as 500,000 individuals. All of these victims were subject to fast deterioration, and quite a number were buried in mass graves or promptly cremated.

One of the problems worse than curing them was disposing of the bodies themselves. Quite a number of those who died were exposed to the coronavirus, not knowing human transmission is possible. Later, reports reveal that China withheld vital information from the World Health Organization.

According to the World Health Organization, it is twice as many the number of severe influenza case that is registered a year. The only difference is that the COVID-19 is fatal if the infection attacks those susceptible to the disease, reports New York Times.

A figure is roughly double the number of severe influenza illnesses recorded annually, according to the World Health Organization.

The current numbers are after nations that were hit hard and many deaths and stretched health services are now standing down from the lockdown phase slowly. A pandemic like this has far-reaching consequences like changes to work and social lives.

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Cases of the coronavirus are surging unpredictably when all is thought to be okay. Authorities expect lockdowns back in place if that happens. Infections are expected to return starting now until 2021.

Based on the tally, nations like the US, South America, then Europe makes up 25% of the cases. From places like Asia, the Middle East is from 11% to 9% of that tally organized by Reuters. Accounting for all the relevant coronavirus cases are government sourced reports, cited in the Daily Sabah.

An estimated number from 497,000 deaths constitute the current toll, same as the registered deaths of Influenza per year. The difference is that influenza has a vaccine, but for COVID-19 nothing exists with

Beginnings of a pandemic that was kept from the public

Initially, the coronavirus was reported on December 31,2019 but some narratives reset it on Jan 10, when Beijing admitted its existence in Wuhan, China. Soon after, the infections spread all over the globe with many deaths, confirmed in Japan Times.

The next phase begins with the COVID-19 ravaging India and Brazil, with an outbreak of 10,000+ cases per day! It put a strain on the stressed health services of these nations.

Both nations are providing more than a third of all the newest detected cases last week. There's an uptick of 54,700 cases last June 19. Scientists expect more than 380,000 deaths by October in Latin America. It only began with 100,000 this week.

There is a rise of 1-2% daily in the past, which was 10% in March. But there are outbreaks in China, New Zealand, and Australia, even with lessened local transmission.

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