Coronavirus has infected millions of people worldwide, but it seems like the worse is yet to come. Experts are saying is that we are just in the first wave, and some are sure it's getting into the second wave already.

According to a report in Snopes, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence mentioned that the coronavirus 'second wave' does not exist and America is gaining in its struggle against COVID-19.

Despite the pronouncement, many experts suggest caution and hold on the victory celebrations as the death toll remains high in the United States. As of June 23, the death toll already reached more than 122,000.

The site of the increased infection rate is the southern and western USA. Despite all the arguments, everyone can agree that the 'second wave' is the wrong way to call all of these events that are currently going on.

Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health stated that with 20,000 or more infections per day, we're not in the second wave, but still in the first. Since it seems all the cases are piling up, saying that a second wave is coming might mean a wipeout, according to the Denver Post.

Last April, the New York breakout was the initial peak when many died along with numerous cases as well in the NYC. It was then followed by a state-wide lockdown, with businesses and establishments closed to lessen the number of cases.

According to Caitlin Rivers, a disease researcher at Johns Hopkins University's Center for Health Security, the leveling off of the cases should resemble a plateau, but not a rough trough that comes later than the wave.

Most scientists are in general agreement that it is still within the first wave of the contagion, despite variations in different parts of the globe.

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Dr. Richard Besser, chief executive of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, explained the variations of the COVID-19 with differences in how severe the infection with the timing, as cited in ABC 13.

Another specialist from the University of Michigan, Dr. Arnold Monto, agreed with that observation. He added that a transmission that has been happening for a while will spike.

For flu seasons, it does have a second wave just like the coronavirus. These cases in the second wave of flu will not always be like the first flu strain that began the flu season.

Technically, the second wave is dependent on the viewer he added. According to Besser, semantics is important with the perception that the second wave is done.

A perception exists that another wave of the coronavirus is coming soon, either fall or winter. It may happen when schools open again, with colder weather and less social distancing too. A second wave is more terrifying due to the fact that we don't have vaccines yet, with a majority exposed to the coronavirus, according to Washington Post.

Dr. Rivers says it is hard to guess if we're in the first wave, and as of now, it is hard to know if there is an impending second wave on the horizon.

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