During the global health crisis, while staying at home, what is more relaxing and thrilling than watching your favorite TV show from the beginning until the end.

For some people this is way of taking a break from all the bad news that the world is facing today, and it is perfectly fine.

But let us skip the present and jump two decades from now. In 20 years of tailing of your favorite TV shows, not missing any of the episodes would absolutely be noxious. Envisioning those consequences, a group of devilish creative people created a time machine for us to see the future of mankind.

Creative minds from the Online Gambling team have introduced Hannah and Eric, which are two visceral models built to represent as to where the obsession of binge-watching could lead us in terms of health and cosmetic perspective.

Do not panic as it is only a hypothetical imaging.

It is not a guarantee that you will look like Hannah or Eric in the next two decades, but there's a chance if you will reach the maximum potential of side-effects.

The illustration's intension is not to cause scare but to exhibit the potential side-effects of spending hours being in front of the TV daily for the next 20 years.

Online Gambling's researchers shared that by exploring the world of binge-watching they discovered that the addiction could lead to posture damage, bloodshot eyes, premature ageing to obesity.

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Just by looking at Hannah and Eric you will see numerous issues concerning health and cosmetic, starting from bald patches due to the lack of sunlight, bloodshot eyes from all of the screen time, obesity and misshapen leg muscles caused by little time for exercise, varicose veins, and certainly not the least, dead-butt syndrome.

They also added that too much sitting for a long period of time puts persistent pressure on the pelvic area, ehich can cause damage on the glutes, resulting to backache, pain in the hips and ankles.

Aside from its physical impact, it affects psychologically as well, as the social contact absence could lead to less sleep and can often lead to anxiety and depression according to researchers.

Hannah and Eric are not alone, as they are also joined by OnlineCasino.ca's Michael, a model that shows what a gamer could look like in a span of 20 years.

Researches emphasized that the gaming addiction could lead to dehydration, sleep deprivation. digital eye strain, lack of vitamin D, and PlayStation thumb. These are only some of physical impact of spending too much time online, sitting in gaming chair for hours, distant from the sunlight and possible physical activity.

One among millions of gamers worldwide reacted to the model and questioned the study. According to Unilad, Ewan from Nottingham shared that if he will just sit in their garden and do nothing, most probably he will be dead within the month.

But despite the argument, bottomline is it is all about balance. You can binge watching your favorite show or playing your favorite game but consider to put it in moderation.

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