For the past decades, the Rocky Mountains have been ventured by fortune hunters searching for a gold-filled treasure chest.

The long wait has come to an end since the treasure, which has been chased for years, has finally been found.

According to CNN, on Sunday, June 7, 2020, Forrest Fenn, an 89-year-old famed antiquities and old art collector from Santa Fe New Mexican who made the treasure hunt, announced on his website that he does not know the person who found the treasure and that the man was led by the poem in his book to the precise spot where the treasure was hidden.

On a statement published by Fenn on his website, the treasure was hidden more than a decade ago under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains. He articulated that it has never been moved from the spot where it was first hidden. A few days ago the treasure was found by a man who wanted his identity to be kept confidential. But Fenn commented that the man was from back East and that he sent Fenn a photograph of the treasure chest as a confirmation of his discovery.

The $1-million dollar worth treasure was Fenn's way of inspiring people to traverse nature and offer hope to the Great Recession affected individuals.

In 2010, Fenn published a 24-line poem in his autobiography, The Thrill of the Chase, where the clues leading the precise location of the treasure chest were included.

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According to a by The Guardian, Fenn estimated that about 350,000 people from the different places of the world hunted in vain across the remote corners of the US West for the treasure chest which was believed to be filled with jewelry, gold coins, and other valuables. Some have chosen treasure hunting over their jobs and some have died in the middle of the search for treasures.

Fenn said that more than 10 years ago the treasure chest was packed and repacked by him, he sprinkled gold dust and added hundreds of different rare gold coins and nuggets. He also included pre-Columbian animal figures, hammered gold prehistoric mirrors, antique jewelry with emeralds and jades, and jades carved with ancient Chinese faces.

Moreover, Fenn stated that he considered hiding the treasure as his way of tempting people to explore the wilderness and give them a chance to initiate an old-fashioned escapade and search for riches.'

In a report in 2017, Fenn announced that the treasure weighs 20 pounds (9 kilograms), and inside it was a 22-pound (10 kilograms) treasure. He stated that he delivered the treasure and chest over two separate trips to its hiding place.

When Fenn was asked how he felt for the discovery of his treasure. He uttered that he was halfway happy and halfway sad because the hunting for the treasure has come to an end.

On his website, Fenn congratulated the thousands of people who took part in the venture and he hoped that people will not stop searching for riches.

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