All 50 states in the United States are now protesting against police brutality after the gruesome murder of George Floyd. The incident was caught on video and quickly went viral, leading people to march in the streets and demand the imprisonment of all police officers that were involved in the murder of African Americans.

The two pandemics in America

The tension between the public and the police and military force has been high for eight days in a row. As people gather and demand justice, the public seemed to forget that just two months ago, everyone was asked to stay inside their homes and practice social distancing because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The United States is the leading country with the most coronavirus cases, but due to the protests and gatherings across the country, the total number of coronavirus cases has now jumped to 1.8 million, with 104,000 deaths.

Health officials are now pushing for testing, using masks and social distancing as the cases continue to increase. In the past 24 hours, there have been 19,807 new coronavirus cases with 602 deaths. The CDC has warned that the United States may record 115,000 deaths linked to coronavirus in the next three weeks, according to Good Morning America.

This is an urgent alert as demonstrations are still being organized and are still taking place in the country, most of the people are not wearing masks and there is little room for social distancing.

The mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms stated that everyone who went out to protest needs to be tested immediately as the virus shows no signs of stopping.

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According to Washington post, amid the nationwide protest, on June 2 eight states and the District of Columbia continued with their primary elections with Maryland, Indiana, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania rescheduling their earlier dates because of the pandemic.

The voters encountered just a few voting locations, there were signs that encouraged social distancing and there are poll workers in full protective gear.

Memorial Day weekend

On May 25, the country celebrated Memorial Day, and thousands of people across the country went out to celebrate as bars, restaurants and public pools opened. Time reported that in Missouri, a partygoer who tested positive for coronavirus went to a couple of bars in the state and also spent time in the then jam-packed Backwater Jacks resort.

The health officials released a statement that they are seeking to inform all those who went to the resort to get tested in order to make sure that they didn't contract the virus.

The patient is a resident of Boone County in Missouri and has tested positive on May 31, just days after visiting the resort, according to the Camden County Health Department.

The officials also released a brief timeline of the patient's whereabouts during the weekend. Aside from Backwater Jacks, the patient also went to Shady Gators and Lazy Gators.

Gary Prewitt, the owner of Backwater Jacks, stated that no laws were broken when the resort opened, but images and videos showed that people violated the state order issued by Republican Gov. Mike Parson that required social distancing.

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