After getting cleared by the World Health Assembly, Beijing is convincing other nations that the US is starting another cold war when Ramadan ends with Muslims not celebrating Eid al Fitr as it should be.

This was a sudden move by Beijing who has evaded scrutiny by offering $2 billion as an aid to the coronavirus effort which they are accused of creating.

China goes on the offensive

Chinese official Wang Yi said in a statement said that Washington is compelled by a 'political agenda' to accuse and assault China, as reported by Daily Mail. However, he deflected the accusation by highlighting their cooperation to help stamp out the coronavirus. Another objective is to trace it and determine the virus' origins.

According to Daily Sabah, the Chinese are insisting that political forces are attacking US-China ties to shift the issues to force the row into a cold war again. This statement was issued at a conference in China during a 7-day parliament session.

More nations have been easing on the lockdowns and opening up economies, with the effect of picking up where the pandemic began to restore pre-pandemic life.

Among the people affected by the pandemic are millions of Muslims celebrating the end of Ramadan with two of the most important mosques in Mecca and Medina closed to the public.

In France, the opening of Christian places of worships and Spanish football will be in full swing on June 8. Meanwhile, in the US, beachgoers are rushing to beaches as lockdowns and social distancing have easened, according to AFP news.

The virus has struck all over the world but as many as 5,500,607 cases, with 346,721 deaths worldwide, according to statistics by World-o-meters. China has been accused of starting this fatal virus in a Wuhan lab.

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COVID-19 origins is still up for debate

Where the virus began has been the weakness of China, as the US administration chipped away at the lies China said, also is the idea that the coronavirus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but they countered by saying the US Army brought the virus.

Moreover, the Asean Post reported how Wang Yi went on a tirade by shooting accusations against US politicos to speculate rumors that were party verified on some instances, also lead other nations to doubt China.

According to Wang Yi, when the investigation comes, there should be an atmosphere that is conducive for all parties and not just one-sided. Assistance can be expected for the communities to investigate where the coronavirus came from, he added.

It seems that the curve is finally flattening as most affected countries in the west is experiencing a decrease in positive cases. This prompted government to carefully study how to open their economies, employ less stringent social distancing measures, that will bring in money to all businesses, including tourism sectors.

According to Inquirer, worship in French churches is allowed only if there would be steps taken to avoid any spread of infection. But for mosques, the French government saw it necessary to delay opening them for the end of Ramadan. On June 3, the doors will finally be opened.

The spirit of Eid al Fitr is dampened by the death of 1000 in Pakistan, who were 'robbed of joy' as described by Brinkwire. Many countries are opening gradually, including the US, which got hit hard.

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