Humans are believed to be capable of augmenting their physical capabilities, says transhumanists. Natasha Vita-More is part of the 1998 Transhumanist declaration as a co-author and is the Executive Director of Humanty+, formerly known as the World Transhumanist Association.

Vita-More also said that humans have the rising need to upgrade their biology as she has been talking about more than three decades, according to the UK Express.

Bionic Humans in the Future

"The fact that our biology is vulnerable. We exist on a daily basis with an incredibly vulnerable vehicle, our bodies, that anything could go wrong at any time," she added. "As far as genetic engineering goes, we've seen great work done with certain diseases like Tay-Sachs and sickle-cell anemia, certain cancers, certain diseases that handicap us."

Vita-More also stated that other genetic engineering endeavors are in development and have shown promising results but still require further study to be plausible for real-life implementations.

She says that in five decades, the world will see alternative bodies being available and growing in supply within the prosthetics field.

Human lifespans have fantastic potential to be extended, says transhumanists, where many believe that old age can be reversed and that disease-caused deaths can be removed altogether.

A bionics expert previously predicted that the future when humans can acquire robotic body parts that surpass human capabilities is not that far off.

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Similar technology

Chris Middleton, a robotics expert, was responsible for the prediction and said that approximately five decades to a century ahead, the entire human body might become replaceable, editable, or even upgradable and that he would certainly not dismiss the idea.

"We can already see that some technologies encourage people, unfortunately, to behave more like machines," he told the Daily Star, according to The Sun.

Having someplace safe where we could store our memories is essential, asserted Vita-More. The way that our memories are stored in our brains, however, is vulnerable to attacks that come from neurological hackers such as viruses and diseases, she added.

She said that illnesses are constantly targetting our neurons and that we need to have a separate copy of them for back up and mentioned Google is working on making backups for the brain.

Vita-More also sees uploading as an essential means of backing up our memories but also as a method of going into different environments.

She also stated how we exist in a physical/material world and that this biosphere is just one of several others that we have yet to explore just as we are starting to conduct space travel and understand the universe that surrounds it.

Virtual and augmented realities are another area that we could attempt to visit, she added. And that these systems, as well as games that we can jump into as the avatar of our choice or some other non-human creature, are some of the places we can delve deeper into. 

Vita-More also works as an advisor to Singularity University. She is a co-editor and contributing author to "The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays on the Science, Technology, and Philosophy of the Human Future."

When asked about what idea regarding the future she was excited about, she expressed her desire to re-engineer her entire body once the technology becomes available. When it does become possible, however, Vita-More said she'd like to have a whole new body that is integrated smoothly. 

She specified that she did not want narrow and straightforward artificial intelligence like we see today, but rather, artificial general intelligence which she could interact with within her meta brain where she'd have a friend or cohort to work with.

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