In a report that seemed to have been plucked out straight from a science-fiction novel, scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration said that they detected evidence of the existence of a parallel universe amid their experiment in Antarctica.

According to the scientists, in the said parallel universe, the laws of time and physics are the opposite of ours.

In a report by Daily Star, the group of experts detected particles during a cosmic ray detection experiment that may prove that a realm that parallels ours may exist. They said that the said "universe" may have been born at the same time as ours during the Big Bang.

The idea of parallel universes has existed for more than five decades, however, it is mostly found in sci-fi comics, TV shows, and movies.

Based on the report, the scientists carried NASA's Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna also known as ANITA high above the atmosphere of Antarctica using a giant balloon. This allowed the dry and frigid air to provide a perfect environment for the study since it has little to zero radio noise that may disrupt the findings.

As a result of the experiment it was found out that high energy particles constantly enter Earth from outer space through a constant "wind". Moreover, it was noted that some of these particles are very powerful that they are a million fold of anything that can be generated from the planet.

The experiment also found that it is possible for subatomic neutrinos which are low-energy and have a mass close to zero are able to completely pass through the planet, however, objects that have higher energy are blocked by the Earth's solid matter. Thus, this implies that high-energy particles are only detected if there are traveling "down" from space.

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However, during the experiment, ANITA was able to detect heavy particles also known as tau neutrinos to "rise up" out of the planet. According to the scientists, this unusual phenomenon could possibly mean that the particles which were coming up out of Earth were traveling backward in time, giving rise to the speculations of the existence of a parallel universe.

According to Peter Groham, principal investigator of the ANITA program and also an experimental physicist from the University of Hawaii, a tau neutrino could only behave that ways are if it underwent a changed and transformed into a different particle type before it passed through the planet and then returned to its original state.

Moreover, as the lead author on the Cornell University paper that described the odd event, Groham said that he has witnessed several of these events which seemed to have been impossible alongside his fellow researchers. He also noted that many are still skeptical about their assessment and hypothesis since it seemed to have stemmed from a sci-fi novel.

In conclusion, the researchers said that the simplest explanation that they have come up with to justify the phenomenon is that 13.8 billion years ago after the Big Bang, there were two universes that were formed, parallel but running in reverse.

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