A gruesome incident unfolded during a Zoom video conference in a home in Amityville, New York. The participants of the video call witnessed a horrific crime after one of the call's participants was murdered by his own flesh and blood.

The suspect, 32-year-old Thomas Scully-Powers, stabbed his father to death in their apartment near South Oaks Hospital in Suffolk County. According to The Guardian, The 72-year-old victim, Dwight Powers, was in a Zoom video conference when the brutal murder occurred during noontime.

Suspect used 3 knives to kill father

The participants of the Zoom call phoned 911 after realizing that something had gone awfully wrong. Although the victim was out of sight behind a counter, they can hear the victim's moans and cry for help.

But by the time the police arrive at the home, it was already too late. They found the elderly victim's body wrapped in a blanket and discarded on the floor.

After stabbing his father on the chest, Scully-Powers turned him over and stabbed him multiple times on the back for good measure, according to prosecutors. When law enforcement authorities found the mangled body, the father's throat was cut down to the bone from ear to ear.

It was later found out that the suspect used three knives during the crime, claiming that the knives kept on bending, according to ABC News.

In the apartment, investigators found a plethora of evidence that paints a gruesome picture. In the trash bag, they found a bedsheet covered with blood. They also found a mop and bucket in the toilet, proof that the suspect tried to cover up his crime.

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Trying to conceal his tracks

After trying to cover-up his crime, Scully-Powers immediately fled the crime scene. He sustained minor injuries after jumping from the second-floor window of their apartment.

He had only gotten 1 mile away when police caught him in a nearby deli. During the capture, Scully-Powers was trying to wash off the blood in his body with bottles of Dr. Pepper.

In a statement, Scully-Powers' attorney Jonathan Manley has declined to divulge any details of the case, saying that he hasn't got the chance to talk with his client yet, as per Newsday. During the arraignment, they entered a plea of not guilty.

"I haven't had the opportunity to discuss anything with my client with regards to the facts of the case. And we haven't been able to conduct our own independent investigation. I expect I will have a video conference with him on Monday."

If proven guilty, Scully-Powers face 25 years to life behind bars.

What triggered the ferocious attack

In a confession, the son admitted to the murder and claimed that he brutally stabbed his father multiple times until he was dead.

Moments prior to this attack, Scully-Powers claimed that they had a disagreement. His father expressed concern over his self-harm and accused him of trying to cut his wrists.

On the other hand, this is not the first time that the suspect has been linked to crimes. A background check revealed that he was previously charged with criminal mischief in third-degree after a shooting incident that occurred in a pizzeria.

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