A Texas home becomes a murder scene as the husband kills the wife by shooting her dead, while their young children were in the house. A family is shattered forever, leaving the children without parents and unknowing witnesses in their mother's murder.

When the authorities were conducting a welfare check at a Harris County, Texas home, the children were at home and thought their mom was resting in the bedroom. Unbeknownst to them, their mother way laying lifeless upstairs after her husband took her life with a gun.

The murder was perpetrated by Jason Armster, 37, who lived with his wife Charlene, 36, and their three children aged 4, 7, and 11. During the welfare inspection, the three children had no idea of the terrible crime that their father committed.

'I murdered my wife'

Jason did the unthinkable and just walked in the police station located at Baytown, and turned himself in for the cold-hearted murder of his wife. During his confession, he said that he shot and killed his wife, according to police reports.

Soon after his arrest, his children brought the officers to the scene of the crime, where the wife was laying cold and lifeless. These grim details were revealed on Twitter by the Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

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Law enforcement officers then checked if what Jason said was true, and in their investigation, they found the cause of death. A gunshot at point-blank to the back of her skull, according to the Houston Chronicle.

After killing his wife, Armster did not have the heart to tell his children about what he did. All the while, their children did not even know their mother was dead and they thought she was just sleeping.

Husband suspects secret affair

When the investigators asked him about the murder and about the details how it happened, Armster revealed the struggles in their marriage. According to the disgruntled husband, he thought that his wife was having a secret affair behind his back.

Jason told investigators that he covered his wife with blankets to keep the children from discovering that she was already dead.

As of now, there is still no verification if Jason's allegations were true. Authorities need to do more digging on this piece of information to find out the husband's true motive in killing his wife.

Armster was charged with tampering with the evidence and a murder charge, also tampering the evidence and online criminal records, which set the bond at $120,000 for his crimes.

Domestic violence on the rise during quarantine

Authorities revealed to Houston News station KTRK-TV, that there is an increase in domestic violence reports during the past few weeks. An increase of 6% in domestic violence reports was recorded between last two weeks and the previous month. Meanwhile, neighboring Montgomery County also saw a 35% rise in domestic violence cases.

According to authorities, this might be linked with the 'stay at home' order. The stress of social isolation is unravelling some individual, that sometimes lead to violence.

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