A rumor exploded on the Internet today (Jan. 24) claiming that Bow Wow had been fired from his hosting job on BET's "106 & Park." The rumor began circulating after Creambmp.com ran a story claiming that the rapper was escorted off BET's property after an accountant discovered that he was using the company's money to pay his child support.

Allegedly the rapper spent over $30,000 of BET's money to make his monthly payments to Joie Chavis, who he has a 2-year-old daughter with named Shai Moss.

"He want people to start calling him Bow Wow, but still acting like he got the 'Lil' in front of his name," their "source" said.

The site wrote that the company card was issued to Bow Wow to cover costs for travel and wardrobe.

"I don't care what video vixen he decided to sk**t in, BET money's, is BET's money," Roger Payme, a senior accountant told the site. "I'm driving a used Honda and his daughter for a toy Bentley for Christmas, ain't that a b**ch?"

The site went on to say that BET would air reruns until they could find Bow Wow's replacement. As convincing as the story sounds, it's fake. On the site's about section it clearly states that the stories are written by a comedian named CREAM and are for "entertainment purposes only."

A lot of people missed that part because fans freaked out on Twitter when the rumor began circulating.

"Bruh did Bow Wow really get fired of 106 and park for using his company card to pay child support?! Lmao dang," @Duke_DG tweeted.

"Everyone so worried about JB, but no one mentioned about how Bow Wow got fired off of 106 for using their card to pay child support..." @kkkkim posted.

"bow wow got fired off 106 & park... maybe now they'll cancel the show," @WeALL-iy wrote.

The 25-year-old rapper even addressed the rumors on his Instagram page by uploading a picture of himself in the "106 & Park" closet.

 "In my closet at @106andpark right now doing my Ebony Magazine photo shoot. There's some things that can be stopped, but my hustle is in motion our plan is to take over the world!" he captioned the photo.

He also responded to fans on Twitter assuring them he will see them at 6 p.m. on BET.