As of Feb.26, the World Health Organization declares that the COVID-19 and the statistics of the current death toll, is not a pandemic. Since the first fatality from the coronavirus, it is now called COVID-19 as its designation. A compilation of reports from different sources, about every death related to the deadly virus.

 Death toll in China is already over 2,600 

 Chinese health officials reported that deaths from COVID-19 in the mainland, the victims are now about 2,663 dead. A day before, the dead were numbered 2,715 in total.

The number of fatalities has been increasing and most were all Hubei Chinese, the hotspot of the coronavirus contagion. More than a hundered new infections were added as confirmed cases were more than 78,064 souls.

South Korea confirmed cases rise to over 1,000 and over 10 dead

 The deaths connected to positive infections of the virus is now 12 in all. Korean officials report that 84 new infections, that adds the number to 1,146.

Most cases were tracked down to a hospital in Cheongdo and small Christian sect in the city of Daegu, with 2.5 million people.

Iran confirms more than 30 new cases, death toll rises to 16 and 96 cases

 Since the first two elderly, who passed away in Qom, with the city placed under alarm for other possible infections.

 The ministry representative 'Kianoush Jahanpour' revealed that Iran has new cases of the coronavirus, including 16 dead from its wake.

 A couple of women above 50 years old were dead in Alborz, Northern Iran. One other victim was a patient from central Markazi, confirmed by officials.

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Japan's total number of infection is now over 170 and 5 deaths

Japan is now one of the countries with 171 cases and 5 deaths from the coronavirus. This brings the death toll in Japan to five, from the cruise ship incident.

 Italian outbreak is now more than 300 cases and 11 dead from the worst outbreak in Europe

The increase of the Italian COVID-19 that left 50,000 under quarantine, and interrupted visitors this year with a deathly virus.

 A recent number of cases that was 283, jumped up a notch to 323 as of Feb.26, with many activities like the Milan Fashion Week, and visitors to Italian festivities where affected grossly.

 Most of the infected were in the Lombardy region, where the bulk of 212 cases were reported and verified.

 From the seven who have died from the COVID-19, four more are now dead according to the Italian civil protection agency.

Countries with Fatalities

 Taiwan- 31 cases and 1 death

Hong Kong- 84 cases and 2 deaths

France- 12 cases and 1 dead

The cases and death toll statistics are increasing with the virulence of COVID-19. There is no definite anti-viral yet, but some other anti-viral is understudy. Many countries are now trying to control the virus with many measures, harming their economy as well.

Not all countries are like China or Italy, but similar outbreaks can happen without precautions.

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