Students can easily forget to live a healthy life in a world of endless studying and non-stop exams. Instead, today, they choose the more convenient unhealthy alternatives - fast food, inactivity, etc. College students are typically known to live an unhealthy lifestyle - poor diet, lack of sleep, binge drinking and drug abuse are major factors that contribute to this fact. There is an urgent need to curb these unhealthy behaviors among students immediately. Let's describe the non-healthy behaviors of today's student that are easy to change.

Unhealthy Behaviors of Today's Student

● Sleep Deprivation

Many students are now notorious for late night hang out that causes them to become consistently fatigued and hung over according to this report. This can lead to students being unable to attend classes owing to sleep deprivation and ultimately to illness. Some students see energy drinks as a way to cure tiredness forgetting the negative effects they have on the body. It is better to consider the opinion of researchers from the World Health Organization (WHO) who provide the health risks associated with energy drink consumption.

● Poor Diet

According to research, many students take food that lacks the essential nutritious elements - protein, vitamins, minerals. Fast food, ready meals, and frozen food are typical examples of the type of sustenance students frequently consume. This type of food may seem like the best option initially as it is quick and easy to prepare. However, it is not beneficial for students as it often contains saturated fat, lots of salt, and it lacks nutritional value. Vegetables, fresh fruits, protein, essential fats, and carbohydrates are all vital components students should incorporate in their diet. Although many students may find this difficult. But it is important to do this as these food groups provide essential minerals and vitamins some of which can help to prevent fatigue and boost the immune system. A diet lacking in nutritional value and variety could eventually damage many students health which may not be ideal considering their busy lifestyles.

● Alcohol and Drug Abuse

College students are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs than those who don't attend college. Being away from family/friends, adjusting to new found independence and heavy course loads can increase a student's stress level when coupled with normalization of alcohol and drug use and/or peer pressure students can become more inclined to use and abuse these substances. Factors such as alcohol and drug abuse can cause irreversible damage. Hanging out at night provides students relief from the stress of school life while also allowing them to make the most of the college life. However, many students tend to abuse this by taking too much alcohol on each night out. This can impact their action at the time and it also increases the risk of future health problems. So it is important for students to realize the dangers of binge drinking. Although it may be unrealistic to ask students to stop drinking entirely, they should do so in moderation rather than binge drinking.

● Smoking

Smoking is another unhealthy behavior common for today's students as most of them indulge in 'social smoking' (those who smoke only when they are socializing or on a night's out) as they see it as an instant way to get high. It is vital that students understand that smoking socially or occasionally does not make you immune to smoking risks. According to a report, tobacco use claims up to 6 million lives every year through heart diseases, lung diseases, and cancer. Therefore, it is important that students stop smoking even if they only do it socially.

Drug and alcohol abuse can cause academic problems for many students. Besides, it can also result in the development of a substance use disorder which may require a special treatment to overcome.

How to Improve the Student's Lifestyle

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The transition from adolescence to adulthood often coincide with college years - this makes it a vulnerable period when students make lifestyle decisions that may persist into later in the adulthood. So it is important for students to make healthy lifestyle decisions for a better future. Make them right now!