China cannot be swayed and tamed when it comes to claiming the South China Sea and the islands surrounding the territory. Because the country is firm when it comes to this, Philippine's President Duterte followed a friendly advice given by Beijing which other claimed India and Vietnam should also follow.

Reports claimed that China considers the South Chinas its own sea already and all the artificial islands it has been building in the said disputed waters as well as the riches that are concealed below the sea area. Not only this since the country is determined to use its old and new naval powers to guarantee that no country can reach these riches without its permission.

With that, President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines understand this and this was the reason why suddenly, the said leader kept passive and just gave in to China's wants. Last April, Duterte just change his decision to raise the Philippine flag in the disputed islands after it was claimed that he followed the advice of China.

However, the Philippines and its ally U.S. won an international arbitration ruling that China actually has no historic title over the South China Sea. But President Duterte shocked everyone in the global scene when he sided with China on the said dispute and wanted to separate from the United States. This led to many Filipinos dismayed over the President's action regarding the Philippines' claim over the territory.

Forbes reported that President Duterte's decision was able to save the peace in the South China Sea by using his wisdom. With this, he definitely changed the game for the U.S. and China even if some public officials in the Philippines were telling him to do otherwise.

Recently, it was reported that India and Vietnam are teaming up in order to pacify the ambition of China to control the South China Sea including the nearby island and the riches concealed beneath. It can be recalled that Vietnam just gave India the permission to explore oil block 128 through ONGC Videsh, an oil company from India.

But China just warned Vietnam that it will attack the oil and gas bases of the latter if this persists. That's why for now, India and Vietnam need to follow the wisdom of Philippines' President Duterte by asking Beijing prior to making any drilling plans.