China just installed a high-tech cinema on the disputed South China Sea as approximately 200 Chinese moviegoers attended the first screening on Yongxing Island last Saturday. It was also reported that the cinema, which is intended to enrich the lives of people staying there is being operated by Hainan Film Company.

Since it was called a high-tech cinema reports were rife that it features a 4K resolution as well as a 3-D perforated screen. Because of this, it gained a lot of attention and was even called as China's southernmost cinema.

However, the opening of this high-tech cinema causes another controversy more so that it was built on the disputed South China Sea. It can be recalled that this island is considered as one of Asia's most uptight territorial disputes.

According to BBC, this certain cinema was installed on the Yongxing Island which is also known internationally as the Woody Island. These so-called islands are part of the South China Sea which is then claimed by the other neighboring nations like Taiwan, Philippines, and Vietnam.

But in the midst of the said territorial disputes by some of Asians nations, China has long claimed much of the islands even its atolls and reefs. China contested its historical claim which can also be known as the "nine-dash line".

The said disputes over the South China Sea have long been an issue of diplomacy. In fact, just the previous year, the international court in The Hague denied the claims of China. Moreover, the United States also challenged China's sovereignty in the said region and even sent Navy destroyers as early July.

But, China ignored the decision of the international court; instead, the nation is working to build up its presence on the small and often isolated islands it claims in the South China Sea. Many of these things were more on military moves as last year, China reportedly moved advanced surface-to-air missiles to the Woody Island.

With the opening of the high-tech cinema, reports were also rife that China is making efforts to create and develop a liveable city for the residents of the island. In fact, Beijing unveiled structures like hospitals and schools plus setting up a 4G mobile signal network on the South China Sea.