President Xi Jinping of China just said that the country has reached a turning point in history since he believes that it is already becoming rich and powerful. The president shared this as he marks his five-year tenure which ends this year.

Moreover, apart from that, Xi also said that his first term was extraordinary and he is now bracing and looking forward to his second term. He also told the officials that in the five years of his first term, China's central leadership was able to settle several challenging problems which it wanted to solve for a long time already but could not.

President Xi Jinping further shared that China has gained the historic leap of rising on its feet to be able to get rich and powerful. The leader made these remarks during a two-day workshop attended by ministerial and provincial officials.

It was reported that the rise of Xi Jinping's administration against corruption was serious during his first term. According to Financial Express, millions of officials were reported to have been punished because of corruption cases which he launched since the beginning of his leadership way back 2013.

Besides, President Xi Jinping also said that the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China or the CPC is a key and major meeting at a needed time for the development of socialism with the characteristics of Chinese. This meeting is also expected to confirm his second five-year term in his position.

It was also claimed that the upcoming meeting will also discuss another matter which is to build a prosperous nation or society in an all-round way. Because of his remarks, a professor at the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law claimed that Xi just placed himself on par with China's great leaders Deng Xiaoping and Mao Zedong.

It can be recalled that Mao' leadership founded the modern communist China which also paved way for the nation to rise to its feet, then Deng made some reforms and policies to help the economy take off. With President Xi Jinping, he wants to bring China all the way to becoming powerful and rich.