Latest NBA reports were escalating that the Cleveland Cavaliers is currently facing troubles and problems with regards to its players and management. Despite this report most especially concerning Kyrie Irving, the team owner, Dan Gilbert until presented a positive portrait of his franchise.

But it was reported on NBA that even if Gilbert presented positive points about the team, some claimed that the reality is that the team is troubled. The team's owner did not as well give any confirmation whether he will honor the request of Kyrie Irving to be traded to other teams. But he did not also rule out the probability that the Cavs might deal its second best player or if Lebron James will still be with them after the next season.

With the words of Dan Gilbert, it seems like the Cleveland Cavaliers is not prepared to give up Irving most specifically that he is being regarded as one of the best guards in the NBA. Gilbert added that Irving was part of a championship, three years straight to the Finals and with that the team values his contributions and talent.

Even if some direct questions were thrown at him regarding the status of Kyrie Irving, Dan Gilbert opted not to give any specific details about the recent conversations he had with the player or his agent. With this, since there are no confirmations, Gilbert expected Irving to be at the training camp with the Cavs this September.

At this time, Kyrie Irving is under contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers or another two or three years and the last year will be dependent on his decision later on. Despite the unforeseen odds, Gilbert gave an assurance that he will be joining the team in the camp as he is one of the best players the team has.

With the latest remarks from Dan Gilbert, it was very clear that the Cavs was attempting to avoid making things worse or committing more damage to the team' relationship with Kyrie Irving. He may want out of the Cavs already; still, the team is not obligated to move him as he remains to be an important part of the team's journey to three straight Finals.