A new study just claimed that eating a burger with soda drinks can add more pounds in one's body weight. With this news, there is a possibility that people and consumers who usually prefer this combination of food might change their mind.

It was claimed in the said study that people who indulge in sweetened drink combine with high-protein meal stored more fat compared to those who consume the same food but with sugar-free drinks. The laboratory tests indicated that their bodies did not burn the additional calories provided by the sugary drink.

Apart from that reason, it was also claimed by Sioux City Journal that the participants in the study who consumed the said combination of meals burned less fat from their food. Moreover, it also took them less energy entirely to digest the said meal.

According to the lead researcher of the said study, if extra carbohydrates will still be added on top of what's already in the meal that will certainly affect the mechanism of the body. It will be able to use fat as an energy source and it will more than likely go into energy storage.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claimed that the leading sources of added sugar in the American diet are sweetened coffee, fruit drinks, sodas, energy beverages, and iced tea drinks. Then it was also revealed that six in every 10 kids and half of the adults consume at least one sugary drink every day.

In the said research, 27 adults served as participants and they were placed inside a sealed metabolic room. The variables that were used were urine samples, the amount of oxygen which was inhaled and carbon dioxide that was exhaled. With those variables, the researchers were able to calculate a number of nutrients the participants use.

Because of the result of the study, the researchers were quick to conclude that the extra and additional load of carbohydrates in a soda may reduce the body's need to process dietary fat from energy. This I because in a body's processes, fat is more difficult to burn than sugar.