A recent study revealed that taking high doses of Vitamin D can be dangerous to one's health as more and more people are taking this supplement these days than they were years ago. It was indicated in the said study that 18% of the population are getting an excess of the said vitamin.

Vitamin D is said to be important in one's health as this is sometimes called the sunshine vitamin. This is the reason people let themselves to be exposed to the sunlight in order for them to produce this kind of vitamin. But apart from sunlight, people can also get Vitamin D from foods like orange juice, milk, cereals, and fish.

Moreover, aside from those foods, Health reported that Vitamin D can also be obtained from taking dietary supplements produced by pharmaceutical companies. But recently, a warning was given to those who take Vitamin D supplements since these can be dangerous too if taken with high dosage.

Vitamin D is important for the brain health and the bone and it was even considered as a miracle treatment for some medical conditions like heart disease, flu, and headaches. People with low levels of Vitamin D often develop health complications most especially during winter in the U.S.

Since people sometimes do not receive the right amount of Vitamin D required by the body, supplements providers thought of manufacturing Vitamin D pills. However, there seems to be a problem since a report from 2011 Institute of Medicine suggested that high doses of this vitamin can cause high levels of calcium in the blood.

Furthermore, taking over 4,000 IU a day of Vitamin D will lead to the hardening of soft tissues or the blood vessels. After the release of the result of the study, some experts and researchers already wanted to determine if there is also an increase in the number of people taking these supplements.

Additionally, taking high doses of Vitamin has also been linked to kidney stones, falls, fractures, and higher rates of prostate cancer and worse early death. Perhaps, with the result of the study, people need to precaution and take just an adequate amount of Vitamin D.