CNN was just accused of making fake stories again most especially with regards to the ongoing conflict between the Arab Gulf states and the U.S. It was reported that the said international news agency was orchestrating stories in an attempt to drive a wedge between the mentioned countries.

Before this issue, it was also claimed that CNN also managed to create a story about the "Russian hacking" community and just how efficient and sophisticated it became. They even mentioned and cited unnamed government officials who reportedly managed to hack into some news agency.

Previously, Zero Hedge reported too that CNN was persuasive in making it clear that the U.S. government needed to ignore the conflict happening in the Arab region. Instead, the focus should be on the thing which is considered significant these days and that it has something to do with Russia.

With this, additional reports claimed that the hacking story was constructed efficiently and considered how the Russians were so good. The said news agency, CNN found a story which as needed to be planted inside the news agency of Qatari in order to provoke a sudden worsening of diplomatic ties by most of the Arab neighboring nations.

Even if other people considered these stories as mere jokes, for CNN, these were not jokes as they managed to describe each story as efficient as they could. The news agency just reported that the FBI sent some investigators to Qatar in order to give support to the Qatari government to deal with the hacking incident.

After that, it was then reported still be CNN that the information which was gathered by the US security agency pinpointed to Russian hackers as the ones behind the so-called intrusion. With the alleged involvement of Russia, the concern of U.S. government that Russia has been doing cyber-hacking measures on U.S. allies was intensified.

With the turn of events, reports claimed that CNN accusing Russian of spreading fake news stories was a bit ironic since it was not Russia at all. The proliferation of fake news most especially concerning global security should not be tolerated by international news agencies like CNN.