Researchers just developed and invented a painless and new vaccine skin patch which contains microscopic needles. It was believed that these newly-developed vaccines could increase the number of people who get vaccinated.

Despite the threat of life-threatening diseases and illnesses, only a few adults receive flu shots each year. This is even more alarming in the United States since only 40% of adult in the country get vaccinated every year.

These researchers came from Emory University who also worked with researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology. The two teams and groups of researchers discovered that band-aid like patches with dissolvable microscopic needles was safe influenza vaccination. During the study, the so-called new vaccine was well-tolerated by the respondents of the research.

According to Georgia Tech News Center, it was then found out that the vaccine containing microscopic needles was just as effective as developing immunity against influenza. Moreover, apart from this reason, the participants of the study also shared that they preferred these new vaccines over the the one which uses hypodermic needle and syringe.

Another benefit of the vaccines with microscopic needles I that it could save a lot of money since this can be easily self-administered, transported and could even be restored without refrigeration. Moreover, this kind of vaccine can just be easily disposed of after use.

After the result of the study was disclosed, this was published in the medical journal, The Lancet on June 27, 2017. The said study on this vaccine containing microscopic needles gained support from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering of the National Institute of Health.

Influenza continues to be a major threat to human's health until now. In fact, this has been considered as the primary cause of illness which can lead to death. That's why with the newly-developed vaccine, there is a possibility that the coverage and protection by this could increase.

Even if people could tell a lot of reasons for not getting vaccinated, still having it should be an utmost priority. With this vaccine containing microscopic needles, the experts hoped that influenza vaccines could be accessible to people.