The World Health Organization just confirmed that the Ebola virus outbreak has a low global risk assessment. Therefore, people across the globe should not worry in case the virus will spread after its outbreak in Congo.

Latest reports were suggesting that the spread of the Ebola virus in Congo can be contained in just a few weeks already. In fact, the officials of WHO said that Congo has yet to make a request for the vaccine but the organization promised that the requisition will be processed immediately even in just a week.

With regards to the requisition of the Ebola vaccines, the World Health Organization said that these will be made available right away if everything will be in place, like the financing and the logistics. With the current case of Ebola outbreak in Congo, CIDRAP reported that some roads are not even passable and the telecommunication infrastructure is poor.

In order to fully stop the spread of the said virus in the Congo region alone, all things must be in place most particularly for the accessibility of the vaccines. But, at the moment, WHO is focusing on how to get to the cases most especially in dealing with the possible risk of the virus to the other nations.

With the current data released by WHO, 18 people were already suspected to have caught the Ebola virus in Congo. Out from these 18 cases, 3 already died. More than this, the organization did not anymore give more specific details regarding the index case.

According to TIME, while people and all nations should not underestimate the risk of the Ebola virus, WHO made it sure that the possibility the virus will spread is low. This is because the location of the outbreak is already in remote areas and in far-flung places in Congo.

In terms of containing the Ebola virus, the World Health Organization is looking at all means and possibilities to deliver the vaccines in the affected province in Congo. However, people across the globe should also remain vigilant to the possible risk of a global outbreak.