Latest reports just confirmed that Deadpool 2 I already in the works and the film already started rolling. A hint from Ryan Reynolds who played the lead role came out as he posted a photo of his character crashing a child's birth party.

In the said Instagram post, Ryan Reynolds thrilled the fans as he just assured that Deadpool 2 is coming. He also wrote and shared that he feels good to be back while also showing some photos on the set while they were filming.

Before this posts on his Instagram account, Game Spot reported that Ryan Reynolds already shared some hints in his return in Deadpool 2 earlier this month. It can be recalled that he teased Deadpool 2 in his other social media accounts which showed a photo of himself as the popular character posing in front of the X-Mansion.

Apart from the hints from the lead character Ryan Reynolds, it was also reported that Deadpool 2 will be released early week of June 2018. Besides Reynolds, the film also casts Zazie Beetz as Domino and Josh Brolin as Cable.

Another issue about "Deadpool 2" was the change in the director since David Leitch replaced Tim Miller in directing the said second film. It was reported that the former director of the film had a conflict with Ryan Reynolds who happens to be the producer also of the film.

Collider claimed that some of the characters revealed their preparations prior to filming Deadpool 2. Aside from Ryan Reynolds, Brolin also disclosed that he underwent a very exhausting and grueling training regime and workout in order for him to get into shape.

Last March, the first teaser of Deadpool 2 was already released together with Logan. When the first trailer clip surfaced online, some of the fans can no longer contain their excitement as Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds was guaranteed to return on the big screen come 2018.

Meanwhile, reports were claiming that an adult animated Deadpool is also in the works and the untitled series will be handled by Atlanta creator Donald Glover together with his brother Stephen. The two will serve as the producers at the same time writers for the said animated film.