Pokemon Go Gyms are said to be getting an updated version 0.67.1 for Android while 1.37.1 for iOS devices as confirmed by Niantic. It was just reported that Pokemon Go fanatics can already take advantage from the new update as all Gyms should be reopened with all new and great features.

When it was confirmed that Pokemon Go Gyms update is under development, all the gamers and the users of the application already expected that they would be seeing a lot until this will be finished. Niantic is about to complete the new phase of a huge and much-awaited update for this App and Android application.

According to Forbes, Niantic just announced that Pokemon Go will be updated to version 0.67.1 for Android while it will be updated to version 1.37.1 for iOS devices. However, the game developer did not announce how long it will take them to develop the new and huge update. What they assured the users was that this update will just be quick so as not to overload the users and gamers.

After that, Pokemon Go will already be updated to the above-mentioned versions and then the Gyms will already be made available. Moreover, Niantic also confirmed that the Raid Battle will be the first one to be rolled out which is then expected next week.

In the next few days too, it was the hope of Niantic to encourage and invite more players and gamers to take part at more Pokemon Gyms across the globe. Apart from those updates, one of the most anticipated announcements was the launching of the brand new Gym system in order to bring more excitement for the players who were already long-time players of the said game.

With all these exclusive updates from Niantic for Pokemon Go, trainers will be able to take part in a different Gym experience. They can even partner with other players to fight a powerful Pokemon in new features.

Like the said updates for two versions, date or the complete update of Pokemon Go Gym was not yet announced but Niantic assured that it will also be in quick time. Lastly, the updated Gym will feature six permanent slots to give a unique gaming experience.