Latest reports claimed that acupuncture actually relieves pain to emergency patients as confirmed by latest study. With this, it was proven that this can serve as an alternative form of pain-relieving drugs for some patients most especially in emergency cases.

The said study was conducted at the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia and the researchers discovered that acupuncture actually can provide long-term relief to patients who have been admitted as emergency cases because of considerable pain. Knowing that pain management can take a long time; this alternative rug can offer and give enough instant relief.

According to the lead researcher, people come to emergency because of pain; however, it is not managed well most especially when it is already treated. With this, they decided to take acupuncture for a trial test to determine its effectiveness in relieving pain.

Acupuncture, according to Eureka Alert is mostly employed by people in communities for relieving pain but this is rarely used in hospitals and clinics. This is because, in hospital emergency departments, medical practitioners resort to a wide range of drugs when treating emergency patients.

Worse, doctors and nurses would even use morphine when treating emergency patients which are found to be addictive when used for a long period of time. So instead of using these drugs, researchers recommended the use of acupuncture which is proven to be an effective and safe alternative.

Besides, Science Daily reported that this acupuncture is also helpful to patients who cannot take other pain-relieving drugs because of other illnesses. But the study also revealed that there is still a need to develop medical ways and approaches to pain management since it was discovered that some still remained in pain despite the acupuncture treatment.

Although there are already emergency departments in Australia which offer acupuncture treatments, further researches are still required for pain management. In the said study, there was a higher rate of patients who said that they shall repeat the acupuncture treatment for relieving pain.

With that, the researchers still need to determine and look for medical conditions which acupuncture can effectively treat. Moreover, there is also a need to provide more training to experts who shall administer this kind of treatment to emergency patients.