Everyone has experienced challenging days at work and for some, stress on the job can trigger various health issues, according to a study reported by HNGN. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to deal with work-related stress and it can begin right on your office desk and in your cubicle.

1. Try aqua therapy. Set up a fish bowl on your desk or a have small aquarium in your office. The health benefits to having an aquarium at work has been proven in a study done by researchers at the National Marine Aquarium, as reported on HNGN. If you're worried about the upkeep, having an actual fish in the tank may not be necessary. An empty tank with seaweed may also be "quite soothing," according to Self.

2. A stress ball can quickly dissipate any tension from the body as this office toy works to relieve the muscles. "The benefit of squeezing is that it releases some kind of energy - it also induces you to relax," said Dr. David Posen, the author "Is Work Killing You? A Doctor's Prescription for Treating Workplace Stress," according to True Stress Management.

3. Take advantage of aromatherapy and purchase an aroma diffuser and essential oils to put place at your desk to calm your senses. Essential oils also emit scents that may aid in productivity based on a study done by Japanese researchers at the Meika University of Dentistry. Employees immersed in front of the computer are less likely to commit errors with scents like lemon, jasmine and lavender filling the air, according to Fast Company.

4. Keep a head massager in your drawer. Once in a while, take it out to massage acupuncture points on your head. The relaxing sensation will quickly bust stress, according to ZDNet.

5. Invest in a Newton's Cradle. Usually found at an executive's desk, this seemingly useless decorative piece is said to serve as stress relief, according to the New York Times. Once in while, the cradle can work as a form of distraction that will aid in calming the body in times of stress.