Adele recently paid a heartfelt visit to the Grenfell Tower in London that is still reeling from the shocks of the deadly fire that started on Wednesday. She was seen at the site along with her husband Simon Konecki and the duo was comforting the victims with hugs and their sympathetic words.

Adele and her husband Simon Konecki recently visited the Grenfell Tower after the huge fire that took the building under its flames. According to People, the Grammy-winning singer was seen at the tragedy site comforting the people. She was offering her sympathies to the people and social media sites have been saying that the two comforted the people around by asking them if they needed anything.

Notably, the Grenfell Tower accident has claimed 12 lives and left more than 70 people injured. The firefighters are still busy dousing the flames and it is said that the death toll could rise in the days to come. The accident has triggered a wave of criticism as well as sympathies from across the world and Rita Ora also shared her condolences on social media, E! News claimed.

The singer-actress took to Twitter to express her feelings. Addressing her followers, she wrote that her heart goes out to all those who have been affected by the fire. She also wrote that she was shocked and broken after hearing the news of the horrendous tragedy. Other celebrities have also expressed their grief and shock over the fire accident.

Notably, the Grenfell Tower fire accident started out on Wednesday and soon took the entire apartment building of West London in its clutches. People were seen screaming to rescue their lives and many also threw their children from the windows, urging outsiders and firefighters to save them. The tragedy was quite enormous and it is said that the fire could burn for days. As of now, over 250 firefighters are engaged in fighting the inferno.