The Philippines military said and confirmed that they were able to arrest one of the Maute brothers on Thursday. It was believed that this person is a senior member of the said group who was also considered as Islamic State-backed militants.

At present, the conflict between the Philippines military and the Maute group is still ongoing as the armed forces are finding it hard to halt the terrorist attacks. Apart from the said terrorist group in the southern part of the Philippines, some civilians in Marawi City also lost their lives due to the worsening conflict.

According to Reuters, the Philippine military confirmed that they arrested Mohammad Noaim Maute at a checkpoint near Cagayan de Oro after dawn. His two brothers were believed to be at the forefront of the vicious battle in Marawi City which is now on its fourth week.

Meanwhile, latest reports were claiming that the two Maute brothers, Omarkhayam and Abdulaah are still in Marawi City together with the militants. However, their parents were taken into custody by the armed forces just the previous week.

The Maute matriarch, Ominta Romato Maute is currently detained at Camp Bagong Diwa as confirmed by the chief of Metro Manila Police. It was also revealed that she was caught and arrested in a certain safe house for the Maute in Lanao del Sur last June 9.

Before the Maute matriarch was arrested and detained, the father of the Maute brothers was already arrested and is now also detained in Manila. It was believed that the Maute parents have been supporting the said group in its quest to spread terrorism in the southern part of the Philippines.

Like the fear of the Philippine police and military, it was assured that they are prepared to stop any possible attempt to rescue the said Maute parents. According to the authorities, any attempt to rescue them will be suicidal but the authorities are ready.