Jennifer Lopez reportedly threw shade at Drake in her mi-performance after one of his songs was played. It was reported that when one of his songs started to play she just blurted out a snide remark amidst her new relationship with Alex Rodriguez.

Latest headlines confirmed that Jennifer Lopez just made an interesting comment mid-performance when one of Drake's songs was played. Suddenly, the singer just said, "Huh, booty call" when Drake's song, "Hotline Bling" was played.

After telling those words, PEOPLE reported that Jennifer Lopez just flipped her hair and just went on with her performance. Because of what happened, her fans noticed that there was something in her comments which perhaps has something to do with their rumored relationship before Alex Rodriguez.

Jennifer Lopez was currently doing her "All I Have" residency in Las Vegas when she made this comment. Some of her fans speculated that he was indeed throwing shade at Drake. But it was also noted that even before she and Drake met, the songs gas been in JLo's show since opening night the previous year.

Meanwhile, Drake also reportedly dissed Jennifer Lopez on one of his songs in his latest track, "Free Smoke." According to the song, the rapper mentioned, "I drunk text JLo wrong number so it bounces back." Apart from this, Drake was also heard making a sample of JLo's hit song "If You Had My Love" for his track "Teenage Fever."

It can be recalled that Jennifer Lopez and Drake sparked rumors of dating and romance last year when they started to post photos together. Aside from the pictures, the rumored couple also confused the fans and the people with their videos which showed them dancing together. TMZ also claimed that the two were so much in love to the point that she went one time to Vegas just for Drake.

But Jennifer Lopez rumored relationship with Drake just disappeared and vanished in the air when she was already dating Alex Rodriguez, a retired baseball player. At the moment, she and her latest beau are traveling across the globe and almost enjoying their stylish and several date nights.