North Korea launched a third missile test on Monday morning, which landed in Japan's special economic zone. This action has been strongly condemned by South Korea and Japan due to its provocative nature and also for the threat it poses. Moreover, the United States' President Donald Trump has also been briefed about the incident.

North Korea fired the third ballistic missile test on Monday morning, challenging the world pressures and ignoring the need of more authorizations. According to CNN, the short-range missile traveled about 248 miles and reached an altitude of 120 km. The missile ultimately landed in the sea, which is also Japan's economic zone and where commercial ships operate.

In a statement, South Korea's Joint Chief of Staff has said that the missile was launched from Wonsan Airfield, Osorio. Moreover, Japan has also condemned such action, calling it "absolutely not acceptable" as it is a threat to the safety of air traffic as well as shipping.

President Donald Trump has been briefed about the incident, and over a series of tweets, he said that North Korea is showing great disrespect for its neighbors. It is worth mentioning that the medium-sized missile that was launched previously had the capability of reaching the United States' base. According to Reuters, the United States will test a missile defense system on Tuesday in an attempt to intercept an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

Notably, this was the third missile test that was launched by North Korea since May 10, when South Korea's President Moon Jae took office. North Korea has however expressed that the missile tests are a way of responding to the threats posed by United States, South Korea and Japan.