International pop singer Ariana Grande is planning to pay respect to the survivors of Manchester bombing through Facetime chat. Moreover, reports also escalated that she had promised to return to the said place which was caught in full terror after her concert there recently.

Latest reports confirmed that Ariana Grande released a message to her fans that got affected by the evil bombing at her concert in Manchester last Monday night. In the said message, the singer expressed her sympathies to those who lost their lives and those injured.

After the heinous Manchester bombing, Metro UK reported that Ariana Grande suspended right away her Dangerous Woman Tour but this will be for an indefinite time. The said attack resulted in 22 deaths including 100 injured people.

According to the latest reports, Ariana Grande will be returning to Manchester no matter what happens. She also shared that she will be very pleased to extend her hand and heart and whatever thing she could possibly give to the victims and to those who are still suffering because of the said incident.

Reports were rife that the international terrorist group, ISIS took the accountability and responsibility for the Manchester bombing. Though there are no concrete investigations to indict the said group, still many people believed that they are the ones behind the heinous bombing.

With the latest report, Salman Abedi, a suicide bomber was the one behind the killings. Because of this, he has been arrested by the authorities as well as his father and two more brothers.

After suspending her concert, it was reported that Arian Grande returned to her hometown in Boca Raton. Apart from this, some sources were claiming that the pop singer has been really inconsolable since the said concert.

According to TMZ, Ariana Grande has been thinking of her fans nonstop the past week. Even if terror blanketed her concert in Manchester, she said that she was inspired by how the victims and the people handled the tragic incident and she was even more proud than anyone else because of this.

Moreover, Ariana Grande expressed her shock over the brutality of the killing as a result of the bombing. Aside from expressing how she felt with the bombing, she also broke the news that she will be returning to Manchester for a benefit concert.