Selena Gomez did not disappoint her fans as she just released and debuted her new single, "Bad Liar." It was also reported that she just set a history as the accompanying visual was the first ever music video to premiere on Spotify.

It can be recalled that Selena Gomez hinted before that she will be releasing a song after her collaboration with Kygo on "It Ain't Me". The actress and the singer even promised her fans that she will release a new song plus an exclusive video for it. The long wait for the fans is finally over with the debut of "Bad Liar" this Thursday.

According to PEOPLE, Selena Gomez's new song "Bad Liar" is written by Justin Tranter, Ian Kirkpatrick, and Julia Michaels. The song even features and includes a bass line based from the 1977 hit single of Talking Heads, "Psycho Killer".

Prior to the release of "Bad Liar," Selena Gomez had been sharing photos of the lyrics as well as video snippets of the said song. Moreover, if those weren't enough, the '13 Reasons Why' executive producer also posted a countdown clock on her website which thrilled her fans even more.

Meanwhile, as her career is doing great, Selena Gomez is reportedly gaining strength and inspiration from her boyfriend, The Weeknd. According to some reports, her boyfriend is changing her life all for the better. Then it was even reported that his love and support extends to her work and music career.

Teen Vogue reported that Selena Gomez is said to be starting to feel like she is returning to her old self again. And she thinks of no other who could do that to her but her boyfriend, The Weeknd. Perhaps, he is indeed proud of her with the release of Selena's latest single, "Bad Liar".

With the successful debut of "Bad Liar," fans were quick to conclude that Selena Gomez also drew some inspiration from The Weeknd. But if that is not the case, credit goes to her skill and status as performer and singer.