Avatar is considered as the top grossing film of all time, thus, marking its success as a science-fiction movie. Because of this latest report, people are now looking forward to visiting an Avatar-themed Park which will open next week.

In the Avatar, Pandora is the place where one can witness bioluminescent plant life as well as sky-high waterfalls. Reports were rife that people can now experience those when the Avatar-themed Park will open on May 27 at the Disney's Animal Kingdom.

As it opens next week, the Avatar-themed Park offers different kinds of excitement from the types of food to the latest Disney ride which is hidden in secrecy. According to Travel and Leisure, the foods and the drinks which will be served are the ones which one thought are not existent.

As described by the latest reports, the main attraction of the Avatar-themed Park is the Pandora which is a magical garden that will transport a visitor to another enchanted world. This can be possible while the visitors can still stand and remain on the Floridian soil.

It can be recalled that eight years have passed since the successful film debuted in cinemas and people might look for the reasons why the construction of the Avatar-themed park took many years to finish. Yet, people need to consider that the production staff of the film spent 10 years to make the Avatar movie; therefore, it is just proper that it also took them so long to come up with the park and bring everything to life.

Moreover, Forbes reported that the Avatar-themed Park does only offer thrilling experiences but it also promotes the message of conservation and preservation of the environment. With this, it has been reported that the version of Pandora in this park is some sort of tourist-friendly.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the Avatar-themed Park also provides other exciting experiences. To illustrate, visitors can witness the expressions of the Na'Vi woman as well as her lifelike movements. Additionally, one can also take a boat ride while viewing the setting of Pandora. Indeed, if the film was a hit movie, it is certain that this park will set to impress.