A latest study would confirm that exercise and a lot of physical activities can delay the process of aging in people. This has been proven by a new research which was conducted by a group of experts in the Utah-based Brigham Young University.

The research would support that people who are on a high level of physical activity and exercise regularly have longer telomeres compared to those who just exercise occasionally or who don't exercise at all. The report added that sometimes age is not evident on the appearance since one can be young biologically.

According to WCVB, Professor Larry Tucker who is teaching Exercise Science, people look younger than their actual age. He even added that the more physically active a person is, the less biological aging happen inside the body.

This is just one of the many benefits of exercise and physical activities since it was also claimed that it can help to lose weight. With this, people will be more encouraged to engage in any form of exercise and physical activity.

The reports also added that telomeres are DNA protein which can be located at both ends of the chromosome. This means that as people age, these telomeres will shorten since there is a need for the cell to replicate all the time.

With this latest study, experts also concluded that adults who engage in a lot of exercise and physical activities can produce more telomeres compared to those young people who don't exercise at all. Because of this, sometimes these young people age faster than their actual age.

So for people who were asking the level of physical to be qualified as highly active, the experts shared that men need to engage in cardiovascular exercise at least 40 minutes and 30 minutes for women five days a week. Therefore, Newsweek reported that it will be useless if people would just spend minutes in physical activities if they want to slow their aging process.

As the result of the study was realized, experts are still studying on the relation of exercise to the production of telomeres. But one of them said that perhaps it has something to do with the oxidative stress. So physical activities are not only vital in losing weight but in delaying aging process as well.