It has been revealed that Kobe Bryant reached out to Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas after the latter's sister demise last month. As this incident might contribute to how he play in the playoff games, the Los Angeles Lakers legend gave pieces of advice to Thomas.

Reports escalated that even if he is no longer active in the league, Kobe Bryant is making sure that he can still be of help to the other players. And when he learned about Isaiah Thomas' situation, he did not hesitate to talk to him through Face Time.

It can be recalled that Chicago Bulls defeated Boston Celtics to grab the 2-0 lead over the Celtics. ABC News reported that since Thomas was on a break in Washington before Game 3, Kobe Bryant chatted to him and gave him important points in how he could at least improve his game and play in the postseason.

The point guard revealed that he and Kobe Bryant were in constant communication the last weeks and he said that the Lakers legend also extended his condolences to his family. It can be recalled that Chyna Thomas, Isaiah Thomas' sister died in a car accident last April 15.

Because of what Kobe Bryant did, Isaiah Thomas said that the former was indeed a big help since the Game 2 against the Chicago Bulls. Thomas shared that he let Bryant watch the playoff film for 30 minutes. Kobe then watched the films carefully with him while the former was teaching him on how Thomas could actually improve his play.

Isaiah Thomas' communication with Kobe Bryant did not stop there since the latter still continued to text him even before and after the playoffs game. However, CSN Mid-Atlantic claimed that if there is one thing that amazes Thomas, that is how Bryant reached out to him and went on giving advice for the improvement of his game. He revealed that this is one of the craziest things that happened to him so far.

But when Boston Celtic's Isaiah Thomas was asked what are those tips that Kobe Bryant shared to him, he did not divulge these. He said that Kobe does not even want him to reveal his secrets and added that indeed the Los Angeles Lakers legend is one of the greatest players in the league.