The Los Angeles Lakers seem to be in a little mess right now. After a strong start with a 7-5 record, they've lost five of their last seven games relegating them to 9-10 and a tied with the Portland Trail Blazers at the 8th spot of Western Conference division. Rumors are now spreading that they might pursue Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George and use Jordan Clarkson and Brandon Ingram as trade pieces.

George, who made his name under the Pacers franchise, have been linked to numerous trade rumors the past few months. He's being linked to be traded to the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks and just recently with the Oklahoma City Thunder, however, none of those rumored deal happened as of now.

The 3-time NBA All-Star is having a great start this season averaging 20.8 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 3.5 assists in 12 games he played. Even though he suffered an injury lately,  his value as a player never decreases and still attracts attention to other teams. Now, rumors are saying that he is being chased by the Lakers to add to their roster.

According to iSportsTimes, a possible trade deal might happen between the Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers. Trade scenario is suggesting that the Pacers will send forward Paul George to the Lakers in exchange for guard Jordan Clarkson and rookie forward Brandon Ingram.

Having George will give the Lakers a potent superstar and could be the new face of the franchise after Kobe Bryant retired last season after playing for 20 years in the league. He'll immediate provide a huge impact both on offense and defense of the Lakers. But trading Clarkson and Ingram might be a step backward for them as both players are deemed to be the big part of Lakers' future.

On a separate report by iTech Post, the Pacers management already denied that they are open to trading George to other teams. Though some reports are saying that some teams have called the Pacers to inquire the availability of George, the Pacers are still sticking with him and said that they are committed to signing him to long-term contracts.

As for the Lakers, they might also pull the plug on this deal as they are getting on the right track with Clarkson and Ingram on their roster.

Will the Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers ponder this trade deal in the future with Paul George, Jordan Clarkson, and Brandon Ingram still in the mix of trade offer?