Latest reports were telling that an FBI agent who married an ISIS terrorist is currently facing a controversy over her connection with her husband. It can be recalled that Daniela Greene traveled to Syria last 2014 to investigate but she ended up marrying the ISIS operative.

It was reported that Daniela Greene was sent by FBI to Syria to conduct investigations but what she did was really in great opposition to her task. The FBI agent lied to the FBI and told them things in contrasts to where she is really going. Instead, she warned her husband that he was under investigation.

According to CNN, Daniela Greene's case was able to expose a very embarrassing breach of national security most particularly at the FBI. As what has been mentioned in previous reports, the agency has been conducting missions in order to help build cases against suspected ISIS terrorists. Moreover, it also deals with finding out those who help the terrorists.

But this issue also raised eyebrows when it was found out that the FBI agent might just be charged with a minor offense. The prosecutors from the Justice Department might be giving her that kind of offense in exchange for one thing. Daniela Greene can just ask the judge to grant her a reduced sentence and punishment in return for her cooperation.

Like what the reports have been suggesting, Daniela Greene married not just the typical type of a terrorist. USA Today reported that this man is named Denis Cuspert, a former rapper. His participation in terrorism started when he became an online recruiter for jihadists.

Because of what happened to Daniela Greene, the FBI is now more careful in taking its steps in fulfilling its mission. With this, the agency is looking forward to boosting its protective measures in implementing its duties.

Even when this news broke out, the FBI was quiet regarding what steps they need to take and which were taken to deal with it. With the case of Daniela Greene, the FBI has been exposed to a very crucial security breach most especially that this deals with terrorism.