The British communications intelligence agency has denied that they wire-tapped Donald Trump during the presidential campaign. The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) agency stated that the accusations were utterly ridiculous, and it should be ignored. This came into action because the U.S. President claimed that the Trump Tower in New York was under surveillance.

Though Trump provided no evidence of the claim, the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer cited claims made on Fox News earlier this week. According to BBC, a senate committee said there were no indications that Trump Tower was under surveillance by the US government. It was the former judge Andrew Napolitano that initially made the claims of GCHQ involvement.

Mr. Spicer said that three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that Barrack Obama went outside the chain of command. A GCHQ spokesperson said the recent accusations made by judge Andrew Napolitano is all nonsense. The allegations were so sensitive that the British agency felt they could not let them go unchallenged.

Trump claimed that Obama's administration had ordered surveillance on him, this has certainly generated enormous attention but he did not have any particular evidence to back it up. As for the British agency they are determined to avoid being into the issues going on in Washington. Trump had accused Obama of wire-tapping the Trump Tower during the presidential race.

Spicer says that Trump stuck by his allegations, involving the British intelligence agency was something unexpected. Spicer quoted Mr. Napolitano saying that none of the intelligence agencies were used like the CIA, NIA and FBI, including the Department of Justice. The next thing said was that the GCHQ is involved. The wire-tapping issue has no proper evidence to prove to be true, and neither are there any evidence of former president Barrack Obama and the GCHQ being involved.