Maria Sharapova is all getting ready for her return in the world tennis tournament but there's a catch. Latest reports were claiming that her return has been clouded with controversy and that has something to do with granting her wild card to qualify for the match.

It can be recalled that the tennis champion, Maria Sharapova was banned from playing for 15 months after it was proven that she was using illegal drugs. This shocked most of his fans and a lot were left upset and disappointed with the decisions. However, sports authorities need to employ fairness when it comes to implementing a discipline to players most especially if they are world champions.

Lately, it was reported that Maria Sharapova will be joining the French Open but it looks like she will find it hard to enter in the tournament. As claimed previously, she could not be granted an automatic bid in the main draw but still, there's hope. It was added that she can also be given a wild card in order to qualify, ESPN reported.

If Maria Sharapova opts to make it in the main draw in Roland Gross, she needs to win the three matches. But the president of French Tennis Federation reiterated that they still need to look into this matter more so she was involved with doping before.

This issue has been very controversial as it also gained a lot of criticisms mostly from professional tennis players just like her. A lot of them have revealed that she should not be given the free pass if her name and fame are to be considered. Even her opponent, Roberta Vinci also voiced out her disappointment telling that the two-time French Open champion does not deserve the wild card privilege according to Tennis Feeds.

Moreover, a lot of players also joined Vinci in criticizing the organizers of the tournament for giving Maria Sharapova a spot in the main draw. According to them, it will really be unfair for young players and even those that are found doped that she will be offered the wild card knowing that she was also disqualified for doping.