Latest reports are telling that Jennifer Aniston has regained control and footing in her marriage and relationship with Justin Theroux. This was after Justin has grown jealous over the rumors that Brad Pitt was back in contact with his wife after the Angelina Jolie split.

With this, the infamous Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Aniston also regained attention as it is again becoming a spin in most of tabloids. It can be recalled that Jolie was considered as the temptress before when Brad and Jen pulled the plug of the five-year marriage. And now, this issue is back on track only that this time, Jen's husband Justin Theroux is included.

It can be recalled that even before Jennifer Aniston started dating Justin Theroux, US Weekly mentioned that the actor was just using her to gain popularity in the industry and to eventually help him in his career in the television. But now, it looks like things have turned the other way.

Some sources were claiming that the report that Brad Pitt has been contacting Jennifer Aniston lately was the reason why the power structure in Justin Theroux's marriage with Jen was altered. It was reported that Justin started to see Jen in a different and new light and not only for him to use her for better career and later fame.

In that case, if reports are indeed true that Bard Pitt has been contacting his wife again after Angelina Jolie split, there is a possibility that Justin Theroux will try to look back and re-examine his marriage with Jennifer Aniston.

Apart from that, Jennifer Aniston's confidence e also changed not like in the past days when she was portrayed as the one who was left by Brad Pitt for Angelina Jolie. Now, as per Perez Hilton, she is again in the spotlight because her former husband has been trying to reach out to her. Justin Theroux is well aware that he is nothing compared to Bard Pitt who is one of the biggest catches in Hollywood without forgetting his fame.

Perhaps, Justin Theroux has no choice but to go with the reverse in the power structure in their marriage. Besides, it might be already too late for him in case Brad Pitt is really interested to move on to another relationship with Jennifer Aniston.