Jay Cutler is once again on the headlines of online news as of late. Recent reports are now linking him to the Houston Texans as a possible option for the quarterback spot. Will the Texans consider the 33-year old quarterback for next season?

For quite some time, Jay Cutler has been the subject of numerous rumors that have been swirling around the league. After he was surprisingly released by the Chicago Bears last month, many reports have spread about his potential destination next season. He was previously linked to the New York Jets as an ideal replacement for Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith, who was both released by the Jets.

Buzz are also saying that Jay Cutler might probably head back to Denver Broncos, who drafted him in 2006. But, none of those rumors happened and up to this time, he is still a free agent. And now, latest news are connecting him to the Houston Texans as a potential destination for him next season.

According to Forbes, the Houston Texans chase to Tony Romo is finally over after the 36-year old quarterback decides to retire and join the broadcast analyst for CBS. And now that Romo is out of the picture, Jay Cutler is said to be the next best available quarterback in the free agency market for them.

Jay Cutler would be a significant addition to the Houston Texans quarterback depth chart along with Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden. Though Cutler was bothered by different injuries for a couple of seasons, his talent and skills of being a quarterback are unquestionable. And his stats will tell the vast experience he has gathered since starting playing football.

In his eleven seasons in the NFL, Jay Cutler registered 32,467 passing yards with 208 touchdowns and 146 interceptions at an 85.7 percent passer rating. He was selected to the Pro Bowl in 2008 and awarded as the AFC passing yards leader the same year. Though Cutler might not immediately bring the Houston Texans to great glory, he might be the signal caller that can change and elevate the structure of their passing game.

 Will Jay Cutler be the viable option for the Houston Texans next season?