PowerPoint presentation slides have revealed Walmart's internal strategy to dissuade employees from joining union labor groups.

A report from the Huffington Post indicated an Internet rights group leaked the set of PowerPoints that explicitly told managers to instruct their workers to avoid union-backed groups like OURWalmart.

The news came just days after the superstore was accused of violating worker's rights to protest and strike by threatening, firing and punishing at least 60 of their employees in 14 different states who participated in legal demonstrations against low wages.

Walmart spokesperson Kory Lundberg told the Huffington Post that the documents, which were posted on OccupyWallSt.org, did, indeed belong to the retail giant, and said they'd been circulating for a while.

"We know the unions have provided bad information to associates in the past, and that's why we think communications like those are important," he stated. "We think it's important to communicate timely and accurately to associates on this topic."

The slides provided managers with talking points, ways to initiate conversation, and how to tell when their employees were considering joining unions. Additional information on what managers can and can't share about unions, along with specific instructions on ways to prevent workers from organizing through legal channels were also included in the PowerPoint. 

According to the Huffington Post, large corporations often host "education sessions" to discourage employees from unionizing. 

See all the slides here.