Walmart has been accused of violating worker's rights to protest and strike.

Federal authorities from the National Labor Relations Board said Walmart officials fired, punished and threatened at least 60 of their workers in 14 different states. The employees reportedly got in trouble with the company after they organized and carried out legal demonstrations against low wages and dangerous work environments.

According to a report by the Associated Press, the general counsel of the board first pursued charges in November 2013, but didn't lodge an official complaint while he tried to figure out a settlement with the retail giant.

Walmart has steadily maintained its innocence, saying that its conduct was in line with legal rights.

The National Labor Relations Act protects certain rights for employees regardless of whether they're unionized, the New York Times reported.

An administrative legislation judge will hear the case, AP reported. If the superstore is found guilty, Walmart won't have to pay a fine, but might be forced to give its employees extra payment, in addition to reversing any disciplinary measures.