News about Paul George recent outburst regarding their pathetic team play is making big headlines in the news as of late. As the Indiana Pacers are gunning for a playoff spot, every game is important for them but George seems to be not happy with their current situation. Latest news is now saying his frustration could force him to leave the Pacers and join another team next season.

Paul George is the main offensive weapon and leader for the Indiana Pacers. And just like every other superstar in a team, he thrives on making his team to be a winner. But the Pacers are struggling to find their form as of late and currently sliding down the Eastern Conference standing.

From being a playoff bound team two weeks ago, the Indiana Pacers have lost seven out of their last ten games and are now precariously holding the eighth spot of EC division. Their situation angers Paul George, from a team that is looking for a safe entry to the postseason is now fighting for their lives to make it to the playoffs.

Now, recent reports are linking Paul George as a possible trade target this summer. According to CBSSports, George could be one of those players that will be available for trade this offseason. Just recently, news has spread that the 26-year old forward wants out of the Pacers after he doubted the desire of his teammates to win and letting the opportunity to be in the playoffs slipping.

And with speculations that Paul George might be looking for another team next season, one team that is pointing to be his next destination is the Los Angeles Lakers. In the last NBA trade deadline, the Lakers are one of the teams that actively pursuing the four-time NBA All-Star. And up until now, their interest of landing George have not diminished.

With the Los Angeles Lakers now being run by the new president of basketball operation Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka, Paul George will surely be a top priority to consider this summer. However, this scenario is still speculations at this time but the Lakers will definitely be the front runner for George if the Indiana Pacers decide to trade him.

Will Paul George be heading to the Los Angeles Lakers next season?