Around 200 Art House Cinemas across America are screening an adaptation of the film 1984, this is to protest against the President Donald Trump's administration. The film is adapted from George Orwell's novel, which is a dystopian fiction. It turns out that the sales of the novel increased up to 9,500% after Mr. Trump's inauguration.

The organizers say that the national screening day is a stand against the simple truth there are no such things as alternative facts. The goal is to screen the movie so that it could reach millions across the country. The term "alternative fact" was coined by Donald Trump to explain discrepancies between accounts of crowd sizes at the presidential campaign as per BBC.

George Orwell's book shows the way the government warps reality for its citizens, this connects with the Trump administration and it shows that in less than a month people believe that things are going out of hand. The organizers said the screening will take place in 184 US cities across 44 states, theater owners collective believe that the clock is already striking thirteen.

April 4, was chosen as the date because that is when the novel's protagonist Winston Smith begins his rebellious diary. A section of proceeds from the events will be donated to local charities and community organizations. Member of the Trump's White House have been at odds with members of the media over what they describe as "alternative facts."

The United State of Cinema Website says that it is doing what they do best, which is screening a movie. The film is about a government employee whose job revolves around rewriting of history. The director has constructed to films as a dramatic and compelling case for people in free countries to stand up against restrictions of personal freedom before it is too late.